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Weekend Confinement

A Judge may allow, by written order, an inmate to fulfill his sentence by confinement on weekends. This allows an inmate to retain his employment and pay his court fines and costs. This accommodation is conditional, however. Crimes of violence, drug convictions, sex crimes, or a history of such will disqualify the inmate. In addition, the inmate must agree to certain rules of conduct in order to remain outside the confines of the jail during the week. Inmates who do not abide by these rules will forfeit their weekend status. Those rules include, but are not limited to the following:

Rules of Conduct

The inmate must arrive at the jail immediately after work on Friday evening and will be released 48 hours later on Sunday evening.  The arrival time will be determined before the inmate begins his sentence, and will remain the same throughout his weekend confinements.

The inmate must arrive in an orderly manner and not having consumed alcohol or drugs.  Inmate will be subject to drug and alcohol screening at all times.

The inmate must obey all jail rules while in custody.

The inmate must not bring food and other property into the jail.

The inmate will advise the jail if for any reason they cannot arrive on time.  This deviation from schedule must be approved by the shift supervisor.  The inmate will provide written excuse from a medical doctor or his employer if an absence is to be excused and inmate to remain on weekend status.